A Message from our Executive Director

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” —Ecclesiastes 3:1

When I reflect on the work that is done at Regeneration, I know that we are family to so many without family. As I approach my seventh anniversary in my role as Executive Director at Regeneration, we have experienced many family events. These events have included birthdays, babies being born, health crises, marriages and way too many deaths. It is at these life events that we truly experience the family of Regeneration.

This past week we had a funeral for one of our family members—Tom. There was both laughter and tears. One man sitting on the front row shared the following: “I love coming to Regeneration because I know that I am loved, I am accepted and I am special. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done.” An “amen” was said and then said again. There was an incredible sense in the sanctuary that a family was together to celebrate the life of Tom.

This is a wonderful testament to our staff and volunteers that serve and those who financially support us. We could not do what we do without this amazing support.


Ted Brown
Executive Director, Regeneration Outreach Community

A Path to Faith and Forgiveness

Life has not been simple for Dawn. She has struggled with her mental health almost all her life, battling the difficulties of ADHD and Bipolar disorder. This inner suffering manifested itself through the disease of bulimia, something she battled for almost thirty years. As someone with a sensitive soul and a big heart, it has been easy for her to feel lost in this world.

Dawn hit her rock bottom when she lost her nephew to drugs. After experiencing a loved one die in her arms, her life quickly spiralled out of control into a dark world of addiction and depression. Every day became a struggle and she found herself suffering through multiple abusive relationships. She felt hopeless and alone, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

Dealing with an addiction is a constant, uphill battle. It can be a challenge for people to seek help when they’re struggling on their own. Too many people are left dealing with the consequences of substance abuse, posing an entirely new set of challenges to those already facing difficulties.

Dawn could no longer keep up with her destructive lifestyle. As her life further descended into a world of abuse and self-harm, she recognized that it was time to make a change. She knew about Regeneration through occasional visits for a hot meal, but it wasn’t until she realized she needed help that she decided to seek support from our staff.

When Dawn shared her story, Regeneration helped her to move on from the past and overcome her addiction. She learned to accept her insecurities, sending her on a new path of love and forgiveness. Today, Dawn feels a sense of community and a place of love and support, things she hasn’t felt for a long time.

“Regeneration never judged me and always made me feel worthy at times when I was so, so very lost,” says Dawn. “I never in my life felt like I belonged anywhere. But now I do.”

Not only has Dawn beat her addiction, she has found a family. Her network was minimal before she found Regeneration. Although she has a good relationship with her son, her mother and her sister, she now gets to be a part of an extensive support system. She loves her job working as a custodian at Regeneration and talking to all of the staff and guests. It will be hard for Dawn to forget her life-changing experience—a time when she found faith and a new sense of compassion for herself. She spreads her helpful nature wherever she can, giving back in any way possible.

Regeneration gave Dawn a new beginning, a new chance at a healthier, more fulfilling life. We seek to help anyone, at any time, and meet their needs in the best way possible. It is your generous gifts that play a huge role in giving people like Dawn the support they need for a brighter, more meaningful future. Thank you!

Changing Lives

We are always so moved to see the positive changes that our programs have on our guests. Your continued support has enabled these services to change lives and inspire growth in those we serve. This year, the Community Kitchen and Art Program have been particularly significant in our guests’ lives.

Every week we have life skills classes, with topics ranging from community gardening to anger management, to cooking classes. The community kitchen has been successful in providing our guests with a new skill and boosting their confidence. Beyond the hands-on life skills that are learned, our guests also benefit from the advantages of working in a team—an excellent ability to have when looking for employment. It’s always such a delight to see our guests having fun and engaging with one another.

The art program has been an extraordinary opportunity for creative expression. It also provides a place of peace and relaxation, an uncommon comfort for many of our guests. Every Monday, in our new art space, a calm settles over everyone as they start their projects. Many high school students volunteer during this time where the space sometimes fills with 30 or 40 people. However, the room is always remarkably quiet. It is a truly therapeutic time for everyone.

A lot of our guests enjoy creating gifts for their family and artwork for their homes. One guest, Mary, is currently working on painting cartoons of ‘My Little Pony’ on canvases for her daughter’s bedroom. Another guest, Mark, often draws pictures for others to help them with their projects.

The collaboration between one another truly speaks to the effect that these programs have on our community. Although cooking a meal together or painting a picture may not seem like a big deal, these small occurrences can have huge and lasting impacts on our guests’ lives.

Please give today to help our guests learn new skills and change their lives.

The Volunteer of the Year

We are so pleased to announce that one of our loyal volunteers, Gerry Young, humbly accepted the Volunteer of the Year award from Kiwanis Brampton. His overwhelming sense of humility in receiving the award was a perfect testament to his loving nature and faithful service over the last few years.

Gerry has served coffee during our breakfast program on Thursdays, bringing a warmth to his role that is recognized by all who encounter him. He identified his faith as the sole reason for volunteering and encouraged everyone to become involved within their community.

On June 16th, Gerry celebrated his 90th birthday! We are so grateful that he has chosen to share his life and joyful service with Regeneration. His passionate commitment and outpouring of love for others is an inspiration to our staff, volunteers and guests.

Thank you Gerry!