Regeneration Outreach Community
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Community Regeneration Challenge

Rotary Club of Brampton’s Community Regeneration Challenge

As the Government of Ontario announced the lockdown of non-essential services in March 2020, the sobering reality that many social and charitable services would inevitably be cut or significantly limited resulted in the launching of the Regeneration Emergency Food Bank. Since its inception in mid-March, the Emergency Food Bank has distributed hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to families and individuals in need across the City of Brampton and beyond.

In response to the need in the City, and a long-standing partnership in the City, the Rotary Club of Brampton has now contributed over $60,800 and their dedicated volunteers have gone above and beyond to procure thousands of dollars more worth of food for the Marketplace.

Regeneration is incredibly grateful for the on-going support of the Rotarians and would ask you to consider giving to support the work being done to deliver food into the hands of some of the most vulnerable individuals and families in our community.

Our Testimonials

“You continue to help us to feed tummies, warm hearts and keep hope alive for our 2,436 registered families.”

Catherine Rivera, Board President, Ste. Louise Outreach Centre of Peel

“We are very thankful to the Rotary Club and their continued support. We are so privileged to act as a hub to many charities in our community and honoured to feed over 400 families through the Regeneration Marketplace.”

Ted Brown, CEO Regeneration Outreach Community

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