A champion is someone who fights for someone else, speaking up and judging fairly. A defender of rights for the poor and needy (Proverbs 31:8-9). I’m thankful to donors like you for championing the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

You are a champion.

This year, you rescued over 200,000 pounds of food to feed people who are homeless and living in stark poverty!

With your support, we’ve increased advocacy work for our guests at the hospital and with medical professionals, at the shelter and in the community to ensure they’re getting the best care possible.

Thanks to your help, we’ve expanded our in-house medical room, so chiropractors, nurses and nurse practitioners can provide holistic care to our guests.

I am so grateful for the ongoing support from churches, businesses, schools, social clubs, the Region of Peel, and from donors like you.

I’m indebted to the hundreds of volunteers who give us their time, as well as staff who sacrificially serve our guests. I’d also like to express my gratitude to our Board of Directors for keeping us focused.

Without each of your contributions, we couldn’t welcome, serve and love our guests as we are privileged to do today. I applaud you for being a champion of the Regeneration story.

Thank you for your investment.




Ted Brown
CEO, Regeneration Outreach Community

Embracing Life After The Overdose

Suzie’s Story of Transformation

Suzie came to Regeneration over seven years ago, in the midst of struggling with homelessness and addiction. With the way her addiction took over all aspects of her life, she ran into trouble with the criminal justice system and was chronically homeless.

Life on the street was lonely, without clear direction.

When Suzie came to Regeneration, she found that despite her situation, she was welcomed into a caring community. The community at Regeneration were there for her, even during her life’s most turbulent and harrowing events.

Approximately eight months ago, Suzie experienced a trauma unlike anything she’d experienced before. She almost overdosed and anxiety overwhelmed her shaking body and mind.

A staff member recognized the symptoms of overdose. This was a medical emergency. Without hesitation, she dialed 911. Thankfully, paramedics arrived in time to administer appropriate aid and rushed her to the hospital to receive the care she needed.

“The first time I realized I needed to get clean was the day I overdosed,” says Suzie.

That day was a turning point.

Reflecting on her life-changing experience, Suzie says, “At first, I was angry the staff member had called 911. But now, I thank her for calling. If she didn’t, I’d probably be dead. She saved my life.”

Despite living on the street, Suzie was able to receive the support and care she needed to get clean. She’s found renewed purpose in her life by volunteering at Regeneration in the kitchen.

“Being sober is awesome!” says Suzie. “I relapsed once, but now I’ve been clean for about eight months and it’s awesome. I’m not screwing it up ever again.”

Her pride was evident when she told us about her newfound skills in the kitchen.

“I spend almost every day in the kitchen, and I love it. I think it’s a great way to give back,” says Suzie. “When you’re getting clean, you have to involve yourself in things. If I’m not keeping busy, I get thoughts in my head, so that’s why I come in to Regeneration every morning. I need something to fill that void.”

Today, Suzie is celebrating over eight months in recovery. With help within the Regeneration community, she’s also living in her own place and seeking employment! We love you Suzie, and we’re praying that you continue to know your incredible worth!

Your generosity helps people like Suzie connect to our life-changing programs. If you want to help make a difference for more people like Suzie, please give online today!

Your Generosity At Work in Brampton!

Your generosity is pivotal to the transformative work we do, serving people struggling to survive each day on the streets of Brampton.

Thanks to our compassionate community of supporters, 57,000 meals were served to people in need. We are open 365 days a year, averaging 120 people for each meal. The support of our donors provided more than just food. We had 1,080 men and women access our clean showers throughout 2018, which gives them a sense of dignity and self-worth!

Thanks to everyone who’s a regular on our team of dedicated volunteers each week. In total, you donated over 25,000 hours of volunteer service in 2018!

It’s gifts from donors like you that make everything we do possible. Please give today to make a difference for people suffering from homelessness and poverty.