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Program Times & Contacts


By offering hot and hearty meals in community, we’re not only caring for the physical needs of our guests, we’re offering access to all of our life-giving resources.


Many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we agree! Breakfast is served seven days a week in the Fellowship Hall, providing our community with a hot, nutritious meal to start their day right.


A hot lunch is served Monday and Wednesday and gives community members a chance to rest and connect with caring outreach staff if they choose.

Essential Care

For people who are experiencing poverty or are at risk of becoming homeless, what once seemed like basic necessities often become luxuries. At Regeneration, we want to make sure we’re meeting the basic needs of every individual in our community.

ID Clinic (Region of Peel has placed this program ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

Not having an ID can be a debilitating hurdle, one that many of our homeless community members come up against on a daily basis. We provide help with replacing lost or stolen Canadian Birth Certificates so people can access vital services and move forward in their lives.

Clothes Closet

Living on the streets means that clothing wears out fast. Fresh, clean clothing can be a significant confidence booster, and our Clothes Closet gives community members the chance to replace their clothing and stock up on what they need to keep warm and dry. Learn more about our seasonal clothing needs.


A means to keep clean and dry is a privilege, but for those living on the streets, it’s a constant struggle. Therefore, we provide access to showers, laundry and clinical foot care to our community members. It helps our guests stay healthy and stave off serious infections. We also provide haircuts that can be a big confidence booster, especially for someone preparing for a job interview.

Health Care

For those without access to extended medical care, aches and pains build up over time to often seriously affect health and mobility. At Regeneration, we have licensed chiropractors who are dedicated to treating our community members, providing them with compassion and relief from pain. Once a month, we distribute personal care kits to our community members, stocked with the essentials. Taking these steps to break down the barrier to good health is an ongoing process, and you can help! Read our needs list and get involved, today!


We encourage our guests to engage in the many community and support-building opportunities that we offer. We have weekly Life Skills classes, with topics ranging from culinary arts and community gardening to anger management and social integration. On Mondays after breakfast, community members have the chance to join us for a fun art class at 9:45 a.m., allowing them the opportunity to express themselves and experience the calming effect of being creative, while also learning new skills from our instructor.

Once a week after breakfast, we also invite members to join us for some board games. Daily prayer meetings, and a weekly fellowship meeting are all open to our members as well. Our goal, through these activities, is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge they need to improve their circumstances. Everyone deserves to feel worthy and celebrated, so each month we also throw a celebration for those who have a birthday that month.