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Cart with a Heart Food Drive

In these challenging times, our communities need a hero. Why not be that hero?

Do you believe that one person can be a motivation to others to do special acts of kindness?  At Regeneration we see this lived out all the time. Whether it is a volunteer that recruits a friend or a donor that prompts others to help. When individuals step up, special things happen.  

To plug in to all this reality, Regeneration has set up the Cart with a Heart Food Drive program. For anyone who is willing to step up and host a Food Drive for Regeneration, we supply:

  • Step by Step Instructions.
  • An Email template to promote your Cart with a Heart Food Drive.
  • Downloadable posters for your promotion.

Instructions to Start a Team

You can consider putting together a “Cart with a Heart” Food Drive to help support the work that is done at the Regeneration Marketplace. 

  • Determine the parameters of your event
    • Your contact information
    • Location of the food drive
    • Start and Finish dates
    • Number of shopping carts required
  • Report parameters to Bruce at 416 209-1850
  • Bruce will deliver the carts on the days leading up to your event
  • As your carts fill, call or text Bruce. He will come to swap out full carts for empty ones. He will also maintain a running weight total of all the food picked up from your event. 
  • Bruce will report back the running total to you, so you can update your team.
  • At the end of your event, Bruce will pick-up the remaining carts and food collected. 
    • He will reply the following day with the final total your group collected
  • An official thank you letter will be sent to you via post in the following week
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