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How Does a Homeless Person Get an ID?

A pile of notebooks and paperwork layered on a desk with a note stating "important".

An ID is an important document that helps individuals gain access to services and opportunities around the country. For individuals experiencing homelessness, obtaining this critical piece of identification can be challenging. Fortunately, several services, such as our ID clinic, can make the process easier. The basic method of getting an ID includes filling out a […]

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What Not To Say to a Homeless Person

A silhouette of a man experiencing homelessness.

Every day, we encounter individuals from diverse demographics, including those without a home, which presents numerous physical and emotional hardships often stemming from complex socio-economic issues. The instability of homelessness can lead to difficulties in meeting basic needs and feelings of being unsafe or judged. Interacting with people in such situations calls for kindness and […]

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Food Bank Donation Checklist

A food bank volunteer checking the food donations they have received while holding a clipboard.

Food banks are a vital resource in our community that can help provide food and support for those in need. While it’s common to associate food bank donations with holidays or colder months, the truth is that the need for assistance exists throughout the year. So what do food banks need? There are some items […]

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Feminine Hygiene Kits for the Homeless

Sanitary pads and menstrual cup for personal hygiene on a green background

Feminine hygiene is a basic necessity for those who menstruate, regardless of their age, race, or socioeconomic status. However, for those experiencing homelessness who do not have access to proper sanitation facilities or can’t afford feminine hygiene products, managing their menstrual cycle can be a challenging or embarrassing ordeal. Feminine hygiene kits contain essential items […]

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Are Charitable Donations Tax Deductible in Canada?

A jar full of coins for charity and 2 heart shapes in a table.

For Canadian taxpayers, understanding their tax-deductible expenses is not just about saving money; it’s about supporting the causes they truly believe in. One of the most common and rewarding deductible expenses is charitable giving to a worthy cause. But how exactly does this process work? Are charitable donations tax deductible in Canada? Charitable donations are […]

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