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How Does a Homeless Person Get an ID?

A pile of notebooks and paperwork layered on a desk with a note stating "important".

An ID is an important document that helps individuals gain access to services and opportunities around the country. For individuals experiencing homelessness, obtaining this critical piece of identification can be challenging. Fortunately, several services, such as our ID clinic, can make the process easier. The basic method of getting an ID includes filling out a […]

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What Not To Say to a Homeless Person

A silhouette of a man experiencing homelessness.

Every day, we encounter individuals from diverse demographics, including those without a home, which presents numerous physical and emotional hardships often stemming from complex socio-economic issues. The instability of homelessness can lead to difficulties in meeting basic needs and feelings of being unsafe or judged. Interacting with people in such situations calls for kindness and […]

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Every Soup Kitchen and Food Bank in the Brampton Area

man in checkered shirt receiving a bowl of soup from volunteer's hands gratefully

Throughout years of service to the community, we know what every person deserves: nutritious food, sufficient clothing, and warm shelter. These necessities are vital for getting people back on their feet, but many Canadians lack access to them.  Community is powerful, and many organizations across the Peel region help provide essential care to vulnerable Canadians. […]

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Myths and Facts about Homelessness in Canada

A senior man wearing winter clothes and sitting on a bench outside with a tin cup

Homelessness is a serious problem for many Canadians. Many people live without the essential care they need, raising their need for health care and other forms of support. Additionally, there are many assumptions made about people experiencing homelessness that can lead to indifference toward this issue.  Some of the common myths about homelessness in Canada […]

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People Experiencing Homelessness vs. Unhoused vs. Homeless: What Is the Difference?

A man with dirty hands and clothes is holding a piece of cardboard with written words " I need a house".

Homelessness impacts thousands of Canadians, who face discrimination, social exclusion, and lack of essential care. When discussing homelessness, the individuals experiencing this may have several terms used to describe them. Homeless, unhoused, and person experiencing homelessness are different terms used today, but what is the difference between them?  Continue reading to learn more about the […]

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10 Essential Items People Experiencing Homelessness Need

four wooden cubes depicting images representing the basic needs of food shelter clothing and access to healthcare

Homelessness can make daily living challenging. Everyday activities such as eating, maintaining basic hygiene, or finding a place to sleep can become difficult. Fortunately, there is help available. Finding a dedicated team and care program is essential.  But what are some items that are essential for people experiencing homelessness? Let’s look at some basic needs […]

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5 Benefits of Being Part of a Community During Homelessness

A woman receiving food in a homeless community

Homelessness affects every part of the world, and many of us may brush with this experience at some point in our lives. However, despite homelessness being a primary focus for many governments, the issue won’t resolve overnight. This is why communities like ours are at the heart of homelessness support and prevention. With the help […]

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Essential Checklist for People Experiencing Homelessness

A businessman talking to a homeless man sitting on a sidewalk

Homelessness can make each moment a challenge, whether it’s finding a place to sleep, eating, or managing various hygienic needs. But help is always available. Communities like ours are working hard to ensure everyone has access to their basic needs, and we rely on the help of donations and volunteers to realize our goals. We’re […]

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What to do if You Are Going to be Homeless

Person experiencing homelessness with his two dogs

Homelessness affects thousands of Canadians nationwide, leaving them without safe and stable housing. If you’re experiencing this unfortunate situation, what can you do to receive the essential care you need?  Continue reading to learn more about what to do if you’re going to be homeless, including what support is available to help you recover.  What […]

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