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Category: Homelessness in Brampton

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Unknown Challenges the Homeless Face

Man on street with blanket and sign that says SEEKING HUMAN KINDNESS

Individuals dealing with homelessness face numerous obstacles, but some are more visible than others. Beyond immediate needs such as food and shelter, people experiencing homelessness also require resources and environments to improve their circumstances and take back their lives. Regeneration Outreach provides access to numerous services to help people who are dealing with homelessness. Below, […]

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The Link Between Homelessness & Mental Health

Woman experiencing homelessness smiling while leaning against metal fence

More than 235,000 Canadians experience homelessness every year, and 1 in every 5 Canadians experiences mental illness. These social problems exist on a grand scale across Canada, but the relationship between them remains poorly understood by many. Members of the general public commonly make unfair assumptions about people who experience homelessness, mental health challenges, or […]

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COVID-19 & Its Effects on the Homeless

deep focus photo of Ontario lineups for covid-19 health assessments with white tent and brick building background

COVID-19 has upset the balance of society everywhere you look. While economic downturn, schools’ social distancing measures, and unemployment are all problems for most— some of society’s at-risk populations are experiencing unfamiliar pressures. Homelessness is rising in Brampton and nearby Mississauga. The nature of the pandemic hinders conventional services for those in need.  That number […]

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Every Soup Kitchen in the Brampton Area

man in checkered shirt receiving a bowl of soup from volunteer's hands gratefully

Throughout our service to the community, we’ve gotten to know some of the hardest-hitting factors affecting individuals in need. Nutritious food, sufficient clothing, and warm shelter are all key to getting people back on their feet. That’s why we pour a lot of time and effort into our essential care program. Soup Kitchens & Food […]

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How Does Healthcare Inequality Exist in Canada?

Doctor leaning over a woman's shoulder in a wheelchair to talk to her

Canada is one of 51 countries around the world to have free universal healthcare. We pay taxes so that everyone can get the medication, treatment, or care they need without having to bear the financial burden. Every Canadian has access to our healthcare system. In theory, that should mean that everyone’s health is basically consistent […]

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How to Help the Homeless: What & When to Donate

a donation jar filled with coins

Homelessness is an unfortunate epidemic that affects many major Canadian cities, and Brampton is no exception. As of August 2019, the region of Peel housed 922 homeless people, but not enough shelters or affordable housing to accommodate them. As Canadians, we can all do our part to fight against homelessness and help marginalized individuals. Giving […]

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