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Are Charitable Donations Tax Deductible in Canada?

A jar full of coins for charity and 2 heart shapes in a table.

For Canadian taxpayers, understanding their tax-deductible expenses is not just about saving money; it’s about supporting the causes they truly believe in. One of the most common and rewarding deductible expenses is charitable giving to a worthy cause. But how exactly does this process work? Are charitable donations tax deductible in Canada? Charitable donations are […]

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What is the Difference Between a Bequest and a Donation?

A woman in a striped shirt carrying a donation box filled with clothes against a beige background.

When making charitable contributions to support your favourite nonprofits, you may have heard of “donations” and “bequests.” These are common ways to give back to your community, but you should know the difference between them. A donation is a gift given to a charity during a person’s lifetime, while a bequest is a similar gift […]

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10 Essential Items People Experiencing Homelessness Need

four wooden cubes depicting images representing the basic needs of food shelter clothing and access to healthcare

Homelessness can make daily living challenging. Everyday activities such as eating, maintaining basic hygiene, or finding a place to sleep can become difficult. Fortunately, there is help available. Finding a dedicated team and care program is essential.  But what are some items that are essential for people experiencing homelessness? Let’s look at some basic needs […]

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Essential Checklist for People Experiencing Homelessness

A businessman talking to a homeless man sitting on a sidewalk

Homelessness can make each moment a challenge, whether it’s finding a place to sleep, eating, or managing various hygienic needs. But help is always available. Communities like ours are working hard to ensure everyone has access to their basic needs, and we rely on the help of donations and volunteers to realize our goals. We’re […]

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How to Help the Homeless: What & When to Donate

a donation jar filled with coins

Homelessness is an unfortunate epidemic that affects many major Canadian cities, and Brampton is no exception. As of August 2019, the region of Peel housed 922 homeless people, but not enough shelters or affordable housing to accommodate them. As Canadians, we can all do our part to fight against homelessness and help marginalized individuals. Giving […]

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