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Where & Why to Donate Clothes in Brampton

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A brown donation box filled with old clothes to be donated

Cleaning out your closet can help more than your style. Donating clothes can benefit those in need as much as financial donations, providing daily necessities. If you’re looking to get rid of your old clothes, where can you donate, and why should you? 

There are many places to donate clothes in Brampton, including the Regen Thrift Store. Donating clothes can help both the local community and the planet. 

Why Should You Donate Your Old Clothes?

Carrying a garbage bag to your black bin is probably easier than making the trip to a donation centre. Why should you donate used clothes instead of throwing them away?

The answer is pretty simple: donating clothes makes an impact on Brampton’s people and the health of the planet. 

Poverty in Brampton

Research shows that Brampton has a poverty problem—particularly for children. The child poverty rate is approximately 17–24% depending on the riding. While these statistics have dropped over recent years, it hasn’t had a substantial impact.

Clothing donations don’t solve the issue of poverty, but they can relieve strain, helping those under the poverty line shift their focus from meeting their daily needs to working towards a longer-term sustainable lifestyle.

Ecological Impact

While many of us do what we can for the planet, people still overlook the waste generated by throwing away clothing. Donating your clothes can significantly reduce the resources needed to make new clothing and the waste you create. 

A woman in a red bubble jacket is donating clothes received by a young girl in a donation receiving center.

Where to Donate Clothes in the Brampton Area

Here are a few examples of places that accept clothing donations in and around Brampton. 

Regen Thrift Store

We are pleased to say that we accept clothing donations at our thrift store. You can donate gently used clothing, housewares, and even furniture. 

Proceeds from every sale benefit those in need through the work of Regeneration Outreach Community. Your donation empowers us to continue providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Donations have more impact than you think, helping provide: 

  • Personal care kits
  • Hot meals
  • Admission to rehab centres
  • Groceries
  • Haircuts
  • Laundry

Your donation helps Regeneration Outreach Community continue to provide essential care and services to those who need them. 

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a global faith-based organization. It accepts donations of clothing and some housewares. Profit from the thrift store helps fund the Salvation Army’s many programs, including camps and shelters.

In addition to selling donated items, the Salvation Army also donates them to individuals and families in need. Take a look at what kind of donations they accept before you donate. 

Kidney Foundation of Canada

The Kidney Foundation of Canada partners with Value Village to raise money in support of kidney disease research, treatments, and programs. The Kidney Foundation of Canada sells these donations to Value Village. They then use the profits to help improve Canadian lives. 

The Kidney Foundation of Canada lists what kind of donations they do and do not accept on their website.

Diabetes Canada

Diabetes Canada collects clothing donations through metal bins in the community and sells them to their retail partner, Value Village. Diabetes Canada states that 100% of net proceeds from donation sales benefit diabetes research, education, treatments, and programs for Canadians.

Donations for Diabetes Canada can be made through any of their metal bins throughout Brampton. They also offer a pick-up service.

Find the drop-off location closest to you or request a free pick-up.

Encore Thrift Store

The Encore Thrift store is a non-denominational organization. It’s run by volunteers to provide the community with gently used clothing and household goods for sale. All proceeds from the store support John Knox Christian School in Brampton.

You can donate most clothing and small household items to the Encore Thrift store. Donations can be made directly to the store.

New Circles

New Circles is an organization designed to help new Canadians meet their basic needs and develop the skills required to settle in and find success. As part of their services, they operate the GLOW clothing bank. 

Through GLOW, New Circles can provide quality clothing to people of any age, size, or gender with limited income. GLOW also donates clothing to Mount Sinai Hospital’s emergency ward every month, ensuring patients have access to clothing when they leave. 

Visit their website to see what you can donate and where to go. 

Mission Thrift Store

Mission Thrift was started in 1988 and operates over 50 thrift stores across Canada. The Brampton store is run by volunteers, allowing the store to give back as much as possible to the community. 

You can donate most gently used clothing, but be sure to visit their website for complete details on donations. 

Donating Clothing is a Win-Win

If you’re purging your closet anyway, it makes sense to donate your clothing to a worthy cause. It’s good for the planet, it’s good for those in need, and it’s good for you to know that you made a difference.

Contact Regeneration Outreach Community if you’re interested in helping those in need.

Written by Ted Brown

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