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Life Skills for Homeless Adults: What Can Community Care Offer?

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A group of adults and chefs in a training kitchen with food.

Having a roof over our heads is something that can be easy to take for granted. Fortunately, there are teams of people committed to caring for their fellow person who doesn’t have anywhere to call home.

In addition to providing for people’s basic needs like eating and washing, many of these organizations have developed programs to help people get back on their feet by teaching them valuable life skills.

A person doesn’t need every life skill to lead a productive and happy life. But life skills like culinary arts, healthy living, finance management, or mental health navigation are all essential tasks each person deserves to have some knowledge about.

Life Skills for Adults Experiencing Homelessness

Regeneration Brampton offers a Community Care Program that offers a way to build community, confidence, and self-esteem while providing the support needed for adults to overcome the challenges of homelessness.  

Culinary Arts

The culinary arts are more than simply cooking a nice meal. It’s about learning how to use foods creatively and deliciously. It’s also about learning to cook meals that don’t come from a box or fast-food joint.

Additionally, an adult who becomes passionate about the culinary arts may be interested in a career that involves cooking food and food preparation.

Navigating Mental Health

No one is immune from dealing with mental health issues. Unfortunately, experiencing homelessness can make it challenging to get the help when you need it. 

A few specific skills to learn are:

  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Anger management

When a person has tools to manage their mental health, many other areas of life can improve significantly.

Relationship Building

Building friendships or relationships can be difficult when someone is experiencing homelessness. And without the practice of fostering new relationships, it can be difficult to even make the first step.

It’s important to note that relationship-building skills aren’t only about finding a friend or a spouse. This skill also benefits people in situations like work, where interpersonal skills are often essential.

Healthy Living

Healthy living is a skill that is often learned over time, or during childhood. However, not everyone learns how to live healthy. Someone experiencing homelessness may not have all the tools necessary to live a healthy life.

Learning about healthy eating goes well with learning about the culinary arts. Additionally, proper physical activity is also an important life skill that leads to healthy living. Unfortunately for many people experiencing homelessness and poverty, the ongoing crises and lack of available resources serve as barriers to practice these good habits. 

Finance Management

A skill that is often not taught adequately in school is finance management. Developing a budget (and sticking to it), submitting taxes, or planning for retirement are all valuable financial skills that can help improve a person’s quality of life.


When a person is experiencing homelessness, they may have a lot of extra stress and emotion on their plate. If a close friend or family member dies—which could be more common if several people are without a home together—processing those emotions can be extremely difficult.

Learning how to understand and cope with the death of those close to you is an important life skill for anyone, but it could be especially beneficial for those between homes.

Other Ways to Improve Quality of Life

Life skills aren’t the only way for someone experiencing homelessness to improve their lives.


If someone is down on their luck, they may not have a lot of positive socialization opportunities. Community events are a good option for seeking healthy connections. 

A close-up of a resume with a pen on the table.

Jobs Search Assistance

A lack of income isn’t always the reason for homelessness. However, it can be a significant driving factor. There are several programs that offer specific job search help like resume building or job hunting, and many places, like libraries, offer access to computers. In today’s technological age, access to a computer is one of the most important tools for finding a suitable job.

Find Support at Regeneration Outreach Community

If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness—perhaps, for the first time—don’t hesitate to reach out; help is available! The compassionate team at Regeneration Outreach Community is available to help you where you need it most.

And if you support what we’re doing here, there are several things you can do to become involved. Ask about ways that you can give when you’re chatting with our team. 

Written by Dan Gibson

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