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Every Soup Kitchen and Food Bank in the Brampton Area

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Throughout years of service to the community, we know what every person deserves: nutritious food, sufficient clothing, and warm shelter. These necessities are vital for getting people back on their feet, but many Canadians lack access to them. 

Community is powerful, and many organizations across the Peel region help provide essential care to vulnerable Canadians.

Many soup kitchens are available in the Brampton area, including Knights Table, St. Paul’s United Church, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, and Meals on Wheels. 

Home-Cooked Meals Aren’t Always Available

Many people can expect a warm dinner at the end of the day. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone—over 20,000 Canadians experience homelessness

These statistics aren’t limited to major cities nationwide—many are your neighbours. According to the Homeless Hub, as of 2021, hundreds of individuals in the Peel region are experiencing homelessness. The vulnerable people in your community (and across the country) deserve a place to rest with a hot meal. 

A homeless person wearing layers of clothes enjoying a bowl of soup.

Soup kitchens give people a sense of hospitality in trying times. With limited access to food and shelter, someone shouldn’t have to make difficult decisions. A meal in a warm space can make a difference in someone’s day or week. 

Whether you’re looking for a meal or a place to volunteer, we have curated a list of available soup kitchens in the Brampton area. 

Regeneration Outreach Community

We offer several services through our essential care program. You can count on us for warm meals for breakfast every day of the year and lunch during weekday afternoons. 

Our community care page features up-to-date info on meals and other services. We offer holistic care for our visitors, ranging from spiritual to physical needs. We’re here to help our neighbours, providing food, clothes, showers, haircuts, and more. 

Contact us today if you need a hand. 

Knight’s Table

Knight’s Table has several food programs to support the Brampton community, from its breakfast program to its seniors café. They believe in providing good food for everyone, regardless of where they come from and where they’re going. 

Their soup kitchen operates at varying hours during weekdays and weekends, closing between 4 and 6 PM. Everyone is welcome for a warm meal. 

Contact Knight’s Table at:


287 Glidden Road, Unit #4

Brampton ON, L6W 1H9

St. Paul’s United Church

St. Paul’s United Church has an established reputation as a Brampton soup kitchen. Their food cupboard service helps provide non-perishables to low-income community members. 

You can contact or visit St. Paul’s United Church at: 

[email protected]


30 Main Street South

Brampton, Ontario, L6W 2C4

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Brampton

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church operates a food bank for in-need Canadians. Volunteers work in the food bank to prepare items, with everything available for grabs at noon. Stop by if you need a hand and help yourself with anything from canned goods to bread and produce. 

For food bank information, contact them at:

[email protected]


44 Church Street East, Brampton

Ontario Canada, L6V 1G3

Brampton Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is ready-to-serve, hot, balanced meals FOR those in need, crafted by certified cooks and a registered dietician. With decades of experience, Meals on Wheels runs seasonal fresh and frozen food programs for low-income or at-risk Canadians. 

The organization’s services are usually reserved for:

  • Individuals with chronic illness
  • Individuals recovering from illness or surgery
  • Canadian Veterans
  • Individuals living with a physical or mental disability or undergoing medical treatment
  • Seniors who cannot travel to a grocery store to purchase food or have limited cooking skills

For information or to place a food order, call their service line:

1-905-453-4140 ext. 3720

525 Main Street North

Brampton, Ontario, L6X 1N9

It Takes a Village to Support Those in Need

These generous organizations donate their time, resources, and talent to help Canadians work toward food security. We would like to applaud our fellow organizations for the work they do.

If you’re in need or you’d like to donate or volunteer, we would love to have you. Contact Regeneration Outreach Community today. 

Written by Ted Brown

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