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How to Help a Homeless Family Member

a woman offers a person experiencing homelessness food as he sits while leaning against a wall outside

Someone experiencing homelessness may lack the essential care they need for everyday life. When supporting someone experiencing homelessness, especially a family member, there are many ways to help.  You can support a family member in several ways to help them get back on their feet and make an impact:  Offer them shelter Help them find […]

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Joel’s Passion at the Marketplace

a group of students volunteering at regeneration outreach

Working and volunteering at Regeneration Marketplace Food Bank is very rewarding to me in many ways. Our team works together to help our community with the basic needs that they have supplying food, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies. Accepting donations from individuals and corporate supporters creates a special bond and friendships of people with […]

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People Experiencing Homelessness vs. Unhoused vs. Homeless: What Is the Difference?

A man with dirty hands and clothes is holding a piece of cardboard with written words " I need a house".

Homelessness impacts thousands of Canadians, who face discrimination, social exclusion, and lack of essential care. When discussing homelessness, the individuals experiencing this may have several terms used to describe them. Homeless, unhoused, and person experiencing homelessness are different terms used today, but what is the difference between them?  Continue reading to learn more about the […]

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The Importance of Community

At Regeneration, we believe that every person deserves the essentials of life. Unfortunately, those who are living on the street don’t have access to these basic necessities. In addition to this, individuals who are experiencing homelessness are also dealing with other issues such as poverty, unemployment, disability, eviction, domestic violence, long-term illness, mental health problems, […]

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Do Shelters Provide Food for Those Experiencing Homelessness?

Volunteers serving food at a homeless shelter. the image is a close up of a large pot of soup, and a volunteer is handing a bowl full to a person standing in a line.

Many people in Canada struggle with the basic necessities of life: Shelter, food, safety, hygiene, clothing, and access to healthcare. According to research, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic increased household food insecurity in the general population from 14 to 17 percent. This shows that you don’t have to be homeless to be hungry. The […]

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