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Community Care in Brampton

Community Is Strength of Connection

At Regeneration, we aim to build a community based on respect, care, and love. This includes the community within our walls and the greater community of Brampton.

To establish a solid societal foundation we work with our guests to implement the following community services:

The disease of addiction can be crippling and isolating. We work closely with our community partners to provide resources to help our guests overcome the feeling of helplessness and focus on a life centered on healing and wellness.

We work closely with local mental health professionals to provide support that can include workshops. Together, we assess what our guests need, whether it’s continued addiction counselling, treatment centre information, or hospitalization, we do everything we can to maintain the safety and well-being of our guests.

Life skills can go a long way in fostering confidence and self-esteem. At Regeneration, we offer a number of weekly workshops and classes focused on:

  • Culinary arts
  • Anger management
  • Relationship building
  • Our community garden
  • Health and nutrition
  • Managing finances
  • Navigating mental health
  • Anxiety and self-esteem
  • Bereavement

In addition to our structured life skill classes, our staff works closely with our guests on an individual basis to provide whatever additional life skills support and counselling they require.

Social integration is an important part of fostering relationships and navigating the social world. Often, our guests yearn for connection and relationships – and a little bit of fun.

Our centre acts as a hub where guests come together to share a meal, a cup of coffee, and a conversation. From board games, to our baseball team, to art classes, and monthly birthday celebrations, we provide our guests the tools and the opportunity to make lasting connections and friendships.

A Canadian Birth Certificate is much more than a piece of identification. This certificate is vital not only to access services (other ID cards, employment, school, OW/ODSP), but also to feel human. For many individuals, their identity may have been lost along their journey.

Our ID Clinic will assist individuals with getting a Canadian Birth Certificate, and walk the applicant through the process. When one receives a government ID, it enables a sense of value and belonging.

This program is available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please email or call.
[email protected]
905-796-5888 ext 109


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