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A Reflection by Mandeep, a placement student at Regeneration

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Working at Regeneration Outreach Community for the past 6 months has certainly been a unique experience for me. When I first came in, I was taken aback by all the different activities that take place here as this was my first experience in a community-based environment. Regeneration is a great display of the diversity of the community, all of the different amenities available here truly reflect the inclusivity of the city of Brampton.

Throughout my experience I got the chance to meet some incredible individuals. Both colleagues and guests alike have contributed towards providing me with the knowledge and understanding required to ensure I put my best foot forward, not only at work but in my everyday life. The lessons at Regeneration have left a positive impact in my life as the life stories shared by the guests encourage and inspire me to increase the spread of positivity not only in my life but of those around me as well. Personally, Regen has enhanced the importance of providing support and assistance to those in need of it, to the best of my abilities. Advocating for guests has not only allowed me to get comfortable with voicing my opinion, but also gave me the confidence to enforce a positive change regardless of who I interact with. Being in a position where guests are able to come to me with their issues in hopes for a solution has placed a responsibility on my shoulders of ensuring I provide them with the best and most helpful resources. Not only has this created a bond of mutual understanding and respect but we are able to communicate with one another in a more effective and positive manner. Which is reflected well in my personal relationships as well as my ability to communicate efficiently.

Working with my amazing colleagues has also created the opportunity for me to create great friendships with amazing people that I know I can depend on for a lifetime. I have been lucky enough to work with a team of smart, talented, joyful, and positive individuals that I get to learn something new from every day. The overall experience at Regeneration has been an amazing one for me so far and I am excited to continue working with the community of Brampton and assisting to the best of my abilities.

Written by Mandeep

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