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Finding a Home at Regeneration

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photo of author with two regeneration volunteers

I have been working in the Brampton Community for many years. This by far is one of my best experiences in the field. Being able to stand side-by-side with the guests as an advocate and as a friend has been such an amazing experience. Here, I am able to get to know the guests personally as unique individuals. I love that I am able to meet with them on their terms and offer my support in ways that they want or need instead of having to force them to meet me on my terms. At Regeneration, the guests have real self-autonomy and are empowered by Regeneration staff and volunteers. Here, the guests have access to many resources and supportive services available to them that they may not find anywhere else in the community. These resources are delivered via a wraparound service model with a wealth of ongoing support for guests. The level of support that is offered to the guests is unmatched in the Brampton community. At Regeneration, guests can experience true grace and compassion; and for many, this experience is life changing. However, what I find makes Regeneration so special is that here, we are like one big family- guests, volunteers and staff alike. We laugh together, cry together, celebrate together and mourn together. We eat together, play together and sometimes fight with one another, but at the end of the day, we always protect each other. This is a family, and to some of our guests, it is the only family they have ever known. It is truly a blessing and an honor to be a part of this family. 

The guests are beautifully unique and intelligent individuals who have so much to share, and when you take the time to really listen to them, you will see that there is so much to be learned from them. I can say that I teach guests lessons that they can carry with them while they navigate through life. While this may be true, I feel that they teach me things equally as much. In all honesty, some of my greatest life lessons and greatest inspirations have come from the people I serve. Many of them have experienced life in ways that most people have not, and from this they have gained valuable and profound insight.  From them, I have learned lessons that no text book, fancy degree program or training seminar can teach. These lessons come straight from lived experience and straight from the heart and have been more valuable to me in my personal and professional life than any other degree or certification that I have acquired. Every single day there is something new to be learned, and from every single individual there is a lived experience to learn from. To them, I am grateful. 

I look forward to my journey at Regeneration Brampton. I welcome all the ups and downs it may bring. I will aim to keep the good times close to my heart and open my mind to learn from the not so good times. The lessons that I learn, the people I meet, and the experiences we share will always remain with me

Written by Kaela Powell

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