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Resources For Meals During COVID-19

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As the world has had to quickly respond to the current COVID-19 crisis in the past two weeks,  the City of Brampton has made some drastic changes to ensure that the most vulnerable people in this community are cared for through the indeterminable duration and impact of this pandemic. They promptly launched a Task Force to ensure that the vulnerable population receives support at this time, you can view this initiative here:

Regeneration has become an anchor and a lead responder to the needs of the vulnerable population and ensuring access to essential food services. In collaboration with the City of Brampton, the Knight’s Table and United Sikhs, a significant amount of food is being redistributed from Regeneration to those in need.  This is how we are helping:

Regeneration’s meal programs (Breakfast seven days a week from 8:00am-9:30am/9:15am on Sundays and lunch Monday-Thursday from 11:30am-12:30pm)

Emergency Food Bank (Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:00pm-2:00pm) at 253 Queen St. E, Brampton, ON.

Delivering meals and groceries to families in need through partnering organizations (please use the City of Brampton link above to access needed services)  

For individuals and families in Brampton that are healthy and financially secure, this crisis is a wake up call to how fast circumstances can change and the importance of social services like public health and the media that help navigate through complicated times. 

For those who live without this financial security, or are vulnerable due to physical or mental health struggles, the support given by the City of Brampton, and organizations like Regeneration, the Knight’s Table and United Sikhs, could be having a meal or going hungry. 

For those interested and in a position to support these organizations through food donation, please visit this page. To financially support the work being done by these anchor organizations, please click below or call by phone:

Regeneration Outreach Community
Knight’s Table

United Sikhs – 905-672-2245 or 905-799-2682 or 647-287-4644

We are all in this together! 

Written by Ted Brown

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